MTV Movie Awards Diary: Navigating The Madness

MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz is on the scene of the MTV Movie Awards. Here he gives his impression of landing in the middle of one of Hollywood's biggest events.

I work in Times Square, which is to say I know what it is like to be surrounded by the Bubba Gumps and Red Lobsters of this world. So I felt an interesting mix of comfort and anxiety this afternoon as I navigated the Los Angeles CityWalk in Universal City. I was bobbing and weaving between the seemingly endless opportunities to purchase churros in order to participate in the rehearsals for the MTV Movie Awards (Sunday night! But surely you knew that by now?).

It's my first Movie Awards and while I've been working in TV for a few years now, I've never been a part of something on the scale of this. This week it's felt at times like we're preparing to send a man to the moon rather than honor the hottest of the hot in movies. So I was consumed by that mix of panic and excitement (aren't the best things always a combo of those two?) as I tried to find my way to the credential table and not be late for my first awards show rehearsal.

A couple false turns here and there and I found the familiar MTV gang, weary from a week of long hours, but pumped for the big day that's just about 24 hours away. As if my nervous energy needed a kickstart, I nibble on a bit of fudge courtesy of my cohort (and MTV Movies blogger) Vanessa White Wolf. With my blood sugar now soaring, it's off to the races for a red carpet walk through. About 20 of us walk the carpet (actually we're walking on a covering over the carpet...after all we're just civilians) as assignments and positions are discussed for the live pre-show.

It's all coming together. By tomorrow night the awards will have been handed out and a lot of exhausted MTV folks like myself will be packing for home. I'll be back at the Times Square Bubba Gump in no time. L.A.'s nice and all, but New York is home.