'Iron Man' Set Visit: Full Report, Videos And More

Yesterday we reported that MTV spent a day on the set of "Iron Man," Hollywood's big-budget adaptation of Marvel's iconic superhero. Today we have the full report. Watch our exclusive video interview with director Jon Favreau and his leading man Robert Downey Jr. taped on-set, and then read what we learned. After the jump, see exclusive footage filmed on-set by the MTV cameras.

If my wife asks, the greatest moment of my past twelve months is our wedding; hopefully, the rest of you will keep the secret that it might just instead be visiting the massive set of "Iron Man" on Wednesday.

Now that the story is live, you can click here to get all the breaking news on Marvel's next big superhero blockbuster. Using quotes from Robert Downey Jr. and director Jon Favreau, as well as my own wide-open eagle eyes, I've tried my best to bring it all to you guys, including eyebrow-raising details on the following...

- The pivotal battle scene involving Iron Man and some F-22 fighters

- Exclusive video of Iron Man's helmet

- Video of the sets and actors

- Details about the suit and its powers

- Breakdowns of the Stark Enterprises set, the Iraqi cave, the airplane cabin and Tony Stark's basement "lab" where he keeps his cars, Harleys, and the suit itself.

- Mucho plot points

- Thoughts from Downey on assuming the iconic character he's loved since his childhood

...and enough additional stuff to whet your appetite until next summer's "Iron Man" release date. If what I've seen is any indication, the flick is shaping up to be as invincible as the big iron guy himself. So, head on over to the site, check out all the goodies, and be sure to keep an eye on both the Movies page and the Blog for additional "Iron Man" scoops in the months to come.

Watch below to check out an action scene in progress as Terrence Howard shoots, Robert Downey Jr. hides and Jon Favreau has way too much fun.

Below: despite his sweet ride, Stark is not so smooth at a social function. Maybe it's the grief he's getting from Leslie Bibb. Click to watch...

Are you as excited for this flick as we are? What do you think of the mask? Post your thoughts in the comments below, true believers!