MTV Movie Awards Diary: How Many Times Can An Edit Crash?

It was looking to be a great day. I felt well-rested when I woke up, was a little more familiar with L.A. traffic...things were good. Then the edit started. By 1pm, we had crashed eight times. EIGHT TIMES! How is that even possible? Damn technology! The only good part has been when we stepped out during one of the rebootings to visit Tully's...I'd never been so Darryl (our editor) was kind enough to give me a tour. Really good fruit cups!

We finally had to switch edit rooms and force the "Iron Man" set visit into the forsaken Avid. As of now, they've had no problems, so it's clearly something that Darryl and I were doing. Today's agenda, if the computers allow: finish the Whitney Port Fashion Transformation and add some special effects to all we've done so far. Whitney had what looks to be a fairly painful sunburn during the shoot, so my sympathy goes out to her. She was shopping in some excellent stores and seemed to have narrowed down her picks, so I can't wait to see what she'll arrive in. Here's hoping she doesn't trip down the stairs again. What? No judgment! I fall on my face daily. Not sure when we'll be able to start the "Transformers" exclusive segments, but I'm looking forward to it because I'm really psyched to see the movie and any sneak peek I can get, I will take.