Megan Fox Confirmed For 'Transformers' Sequel

While fans count down to the July 3rd release of "Transformers," others are already looking towards the next chapter. Actress Megan Fox, the beauty who joins Shia LaBeouf as the main human contingent of Michael Bay's ultimate robot brawl, has confirmed to MTV that she is signed for the sequel. "I hear they're writing it now," she tells us. "So we'll see."

Fox is excited to reteam with her Cybertronian co-stars, now that she's used to acting alongside the CGI creations. "It was actually 30-foot-tall metal polls that we would talk to with cardboard cutouts for heads," she says. "They would be like Jazz's head or Optimus Prime's face and we would talk to them. And the first few takes you do you feel stupid, but then you get used to it and open up and it's actually a lot of fun."

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