Zak Penn Talks Hulk's Color And 'Avengers' Movie Plans

Don't make "The Incredible Hulk" screenwriter Zak Penn wouldn't like him when he's angry. How can you avoid it? Don't ask him if his latest incarnation of the classic Marvel superhero will be grey.

"That's just a mistake, it's not going to be grey. Of course he's going to be green," Penn admonished, responding to rumors circulating about a color change for the iconic mutant. In fact, Penn himself is green with envy over the way the Incredible Hulk was portrayed in the Lou Ferrigno television show, and told MTV that he wants the character to move in the direction of these classic roots. "I always felt about Ferrigno and the makeup was a much more naturalistic version of the Hulk. And that's what we're trying to go back to. His skin will appear more real," Penn divulged. "In the first movie he was so green. He's not going to be bright green."

It's a move towards realism that Penn hopes will permeate the reboot. "It's not going to have the split screen and all that stuff because it's more like a real thriller, man on the run, fugitive style movie," Penn revealed of the flick's plot. "That's what I want to see."

In a few years, the only thing greener than Hulk might be the money the character pulls in. Hulk will most likely also appear in an "Avengers" movie Penn is scripting, the screenwriter confessed.

"'Avengers' is definitely going to happen; the idea was always to do a crossover with multiple superheros," he revealed of the superhero tag team group, Marvel's answer to DC's Justice League. "I'm waiting to let 'Iron Man' and 'Hulk' come out because those are two characters that could appear in it. I used to think that movie would be impossible to make but now I feel like it's not."

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