Avril Lavigne Ready For Starring Role In 'Darker' Film

After turning heads by recording her latest single in eight different languages, pop sensation Avril Lavigne is turning her eyes to Hollywood. The singer revealed to MTV that she will soon begin work on a starring role in a film that's rumored to be named "Twist of Fate."

"It's a darker, kind of more indie film," Lavigne said. "It's nothing set in stone yet, but I look forward to experimenting with acting and just having some fun with that."

While the Canadian icon isn't a complete stranger to the big screen -- she had a small role in the thriller "The Flock" -- she is looking forward to expanding her horizons. "I think as time goes on, I would wanna try different styles," stated Lavigne. "I think right now, what would be something I would want to go for is like what I'm going to be doing, which is a more serious drama, something darker, something where I can really get into the role. Something that will take a lot of emotion."

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