Bill Pullman Is Kind Of, But Not Really, Philip K. Dick

Actor Bill Pullman is bringing the whirlwind life of visionary science-fiction author Philip K. Dick to the big screen...sort of. The film "Your Name Here" -- previously known as "Panasonic -- will tell the story of an enigmatic writer named "William J. Frick" in the non-libel, unsanctioned biopic of the classic storyteller.

In a role that the "Independence Day" star says is one of his favorite projects, Pullman will portray a slightly modified version of the man whose vast collection of futuristic short stories have fueled such Hollywood adaptations as "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," "Minority Report" and "A Scanner Darkly" (as well as less-than-stellar efforts like "Paycheck" and "Next").

According to Pullman, the film will focus on Frick as he arrives at the end of his life. "It's about a kind of a 'Fantasia' about his last days," he revealed. "You're seeing a writer who's starting to spin a little bit out of control and wondering what's real and what isn't real. Has he really written the most brilliant book that's ever been written or hasn't he? Has someone stolen the last chapter, or is he just insane?"

"Your Name Here" is currently in post-production, with hopes of premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in mid-September.