The Dailies: May 16, 2007

Mr. Jane bemoans lost opportunity, while Mr. Jones begins his next adventure in our links of the day, chock-full of news on remakes, sequels, and adaptations.

Thomas Jane "heartbroken," drops out of "Punisher 2." (AICN)

Indiana Jones an Eli? Fourth pic to film at Yale. (New Haven Register)

"You will lose everything." New Harry Potter website up, England-style. (Harry Potter)

Lionsgate picks up distribution of Frank Miller's silver screen adaptation of Will Eisner's "The Spirit." (Variety)

You heard it here first - Elijah Wood to star as Iggy Pop in "The Passenger." (Variety and MTV)

"Point Break 2” heading to theaters. (IGN)

Glenn Close, Lawrence Fishburne, and Djimon Hounsou in "Death Race 3000?" (Latino Review)

"Dogville" director Lars von Trier left "like a blank sheet of paper" after bout with depression. (CBC)