Naomie Harris Joins Keanu Reeves In 'Night Watch'

The time has come for her to abandon the swords and swashbucklers; she might be wise, however, to hold on to that bottle of rum. "Pirates of the Caribbean" actress Naomie Harris is the latest star to join "Night Watch," a high-profile drama that tells the story of an alcoholic LAPD cop framed by his former mentor. The flick will be directed and co-written by "Training Day" writer David Ayer.

"[Next] I go on to do 'Night Watch,' with Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker," the actress revealed to MTV News. The flick, whose name was recently changed from "The Night Watchman" (presumably to avoid confusion with Zack Snyder's upcoming "Watchmen"), recently began filming with a strong supporting cast that includes Chris Evans ("The Fantastic Four"), Hugh Laurie ("House"), Terry Crews ("Norbit") and rapper/actor Common. The next in a long line of "Dark Keanu" roles (think "Constantine" and "The Gift"), the flick casts the "Matrix" star as a bottle-abusing cop whose grief for his wife is compounded when he learns that a friend (Whitaker) has turned against him.

The beautiful Harris, a veteran of flicks like "28 Days Later" and "Miami Vice" who might be best known as the voodoo queen Tia Dalma in "Pirates," told us that she's excited to be in the film but can't talk about her character. And it isn't for the usual secrecy concerns - she simply can't remember. "I don't know very much about her," Harris grinned. "I've been offered the part, but I've [only] read the script once; I don't really know very much about my character yet."

Harris does remember one thing about the script, however: It will take Reeves and red-hot Oscar winner Whitaker to some very shadowy places. "Yeah, it's really dark," said Harris, adding that she'll begin filming this summer. "It's a really great movie, though, and I'm really excited to be part of it."