The Dailies: May 15, 2007

The other underwater superhero possibly snags an actor, Bruce Willis continues his Internet frolic and more in today's linktastic round-up.

- David "Angel" Boreanaz up for "Sub-Mariner?" (Superhero Hype)

- Yippie-kay-yay! Contest offers chance to interview Bruce Willis in "Second Life." (

- Jessica Biel and Forest Whitaker join "Powder Blue," a flick about an ex-con, a mortician, a suicidal ex-priest and a stripper brought together on Christmas Eve. (Variety)

- Coffee is for Closers. "Redbelt" -- David Mamet's upcoming mixed martial arts drama -- is for Tim Allen.(Variety)

- The Wayans Brothers' inner-city hero "Super Bad James Dynomite" gets a deal. (Variety)

- Original lead character voice David Hayter not involved with "Metal Gear Solid" movie. (IGN)

- Stan Lee dishes on "Fantastic 4" and "Iron Man" cameos. "Nuff said." (IGN)