Spielberg And Jackson Tackle 'Tintin': The Fallout Begins

Two of the most powerful forces in Hollywood are coming together to produce and direct a trilogy of films based on the Belgian comic book strip, "Tintin" (read more here.)

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson will each direct one film in the series that will rely on computer-animated characters and tell the story of the famed young reporter and his dog, Snowy.

The reprecussions of this partnership will be felt for a while. Some things we're expecting to see...

- Comic strip heroes are hot! Robert Zemeckis will rush into production his $300 million interpretation of "Marmaduke" starring Tom Hanks and a bunch of motion capture sensors.

- Several big-name directors will throw their hat in the ring for the third part of the trilogy. The unlikely front-runner? John Waters, promising to digitally resurrect Divine for the production.

- "Indiana Jones 4” production will be delayed until 2009 or whenever George Lucas finally creates an actual living breathing Ewok in the Skywalker labs. Whichever comes first.

- Finally the debate will be settled: Who is the better director...the man who made "The Frighteners" or "Amistad"?

- In a rush to secure other popular Belgian comic strips, director Brett Ratner will snag the rights to "le peu a retarde l'Americain," not realizing the controversial Anti-American strip tells of the misadventures of a mentally handicapped 3’4'' dwarf named Ronnie.

- Liev Schrieber will have to block out two hours from his hectic HBO Sports voiceover schedule to record the voice of Tintin. Naomi will never let him hear the end of it.

- Peter Jackson will have to stop working on his eagerly awaited 18-part making-of doc for the new "Heavenly Creatures" DVD.

- Also, the stress of working with Spielberg will cause him to start eating again.