'Sopranos' To Take A Whack At The Big Screen?

If Hollywood's been calling, "Sopranos" creator David Chase hasn't been picking up…until now? While rumors of a theatrical leap have persisted since the ratings juggernaut's launch nearly a decade ago, Chase has repeatedly gunned down prospects of seeing Tony's adventures on the big screen. With the series now winding down its final season however, the pressure is intense to continue the saga of the mafia don.

But while Chase is steadfast that he's told the complete story of Gandolfini and friends, a recent conversation between the helmer and fellow HBO alum, "Oz" producer Tom Fontana, may provide the inspiration he needs to get a studio meeting. "[Fontana] said you could do a story about the Sopranos' grandparents first coming to this country," Chase told us. "I had never thought about that. That was interesting to me."

The Italian immigrant experience has seen its share of cinematic retellings -- most notably in "The Godfather Part II" -- but Chase's brand of hard-hitting reality and knack for dialogue would promise something entirely fresh. The show's various jaunts to the home country have provided some of the series' most interesting and visually spectacular scenes, along with giving us the now-fugitive-status Furio.

Time will tell whether this spurs a trip to Los Angeles, but until then, here's to hoping we see some old-fashioned whacking, Ellis Island-style.