Vaughn And Wilson Out Of 'Outsourced'

It was supposed to have been their blockbuster follow-up to "The Wedding Crashers", but MTV must now regretfully report yet another Hollywood divorce: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are out of "Outsourced."

"It was developed for Vince and Owen, but they're not doing it anymore," director Hank Azaria revealed.

"The Simpsons" voice actor has put his acting career on hold to shoot "Outsourced," a comedy that marks Azaria's directorial debut. "It's about these two guys who work at a factory in Southern California," Azaria said. "Their jobs get outsourced to Mexico, and they decide 'Well, we like Mexico. Let's go down there and work down there'. And they become like the Norma Raes of Mexico."

While we can't be sure whether that means a Sally Field cameo is imminent, Azaria's statements make it depressingly clear that Vince and Owen won't be re-teaming on screen anytime soon. Asked which stars would be replacing them as the laughable laborers, all Azaria could offer was "We don't know yet. We'll see." The project is scheduled to begin shooting in a few months.