Jesse Eisenberg Enjoys A 'Spring Break In Bosnia'

Not since "Three Amigos" have a trio of actors intrigued me so much as the casting in "Spring Break in Bosnia." Headlining the entertainingly-titled flick as three mismatched journalists on the hunt for a war criminal are Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, and Jesse Eisenberg. Helmed by "The Matador" director Richard Shepard (am I the only one who loved that film?), the film is based on a true story detailed in an Esquire magazine article by Scott Anderson.

Eisenberg, best known to audiences for his roles in "The Squid and the Whale" and "Roger Dodger" spoke about the film with MTV. "It's about these three journalists who go to Bosnia to do a story on the five year anniversary of the end of the war," he explained. "And while there they decide to look for a war criminal and they get mistaken for CIA agents."

Any similarities to "Spies Like Us" are purely coincidental. Though Eisenberg says there is humor to be found in the weighty subject matter, "It's a comedic film even though it's dealing with this really serious issue." As for the odd mishmash of actors leading the flick, Eisenberg explained their roles. "Gere is this embittered guy who used to be successful. Terrence is kind of on the rise and I'm this incredibly naive character who's never been out of the country. It's a funny dynamic."

"Spring Break in Bosnia" will be released later this year.