Broken Lizard Prepares For 'The Babymaker'

Officer Farva a dad? A good source tells us it's no shenanigans, but rather the plot for the newest Kevin Heffernan comedy, "The Babymaker."

"We're producing a script that Jay [Chandrasekhar] is going to direct starring Kevin called 'The Babymaker.' I think that will be the next thing for us," comedian and Broken Lizard veteran Paul Soter revealed about the troupe's upcoming plans.

The group had a breakthrough hit with "Super Troopers," during which Heffernan's Farva memorably attacked a fast food cashier after outrageously demanding a "liter of cola." He's still after fluid, and it still leads to a blitz, but it's a little bit, uh, more delicate this time around, Soter joked.

"Kevin is a married guy in a couple that has no interest in having children. Suddenly his wife gets baby fever. It becomes a fertility comedy for a while about his attempts to impregnate his wife," Soter divulged of the flick's plot, adding that things suddenly get much more complicated. "Then they find out he has become sterile but he had been a sperm donor in the past. He finds out there's one batch left, and they wont give it to him. So he gets his buddies together for a heist to go steal his sperm back."

Those hoping for a complete big-screen reunion, however, may have to wait until "Super Troopers 2," Soter insisted, saying that the group was unsure whether returning would take away from what's set-up to be Heffernan's star-making role. "We haven't gotten into whether the rest of us would take smaller roles. We could but if this is going to be a Kevin Heffernan movie, if you put the Broken Lizard guys in supporting roles, is that weird?" Soter asked somewhat rhetorically, before quickly answering himself. "It becomes a weirdly imbalanced Broken Lizard movie as opposed to a Kevin Heffernan movie."