MTV Movie Awards Diary: Prepping For The Pre-Show

Segment Producer Vanessa White Wolf took a moment from her hectic schedule leading up to this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards (8PM/7C) to let us know what she's busy with as all of us here prepare for the big show.

So today was my first day in the L.A. offices for this year's MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show (airing Sunday at 7:30PM ET). My first order of business is working with editor extraordinaire Darryl Fox on the very special Fashion Transformations we'll be featuring in the Pre-Show.

Finishing a rough cut of the Megan Fox segment as I type this; the "Transformers" star let our cameras tag along as she met with her stylists to pick a dress for the show. She, of course, looks amazing in pretty much anything so I think the most difficult part will be deciding which one she likes best. Unfortunately, as I watch the tape, she says that each of the 17 dresses (not that many, but almost) is her favorite.

As soon as we're done with that, Darryl and I will start piecing together the Whitney Port segment. You'll remember Whitney from "The Hills" as LC's co-intern at Teen Vogue. We followed her and her friend Joanna as they shopped on Robertson Blvd.

In the next few days, we'll be working on "Transformers" exclusive segments, like a look at all the cars featured in the film and a segment focused on director Michael Bay. During the actual pre-show, I'll be floor-producing SuChin Pak on our homebase from the hot pink carpet. Immediately after, I'll run to the production truck to cut various pieces for the on demand post show. So yeah, a pretty busy week ahead. I must say, for the record, the L.A. offices are much bigger than the NYC offices. And they have much better lighting. Plus, Red Vines and ice cream sandwiches in the vending machines! It's ridiculous.