The Future of 'Pirates of the Caribbean': Charting The Course

Now that we've seen those Pirates of the Caribbean reach the "World's End," the cat is out of the bag over which characters get a clean wrap-up, and which are poised to set sail for further adventures. With that in mind, here's a quick summation of where the "Pirates" stars stand on further sequels.

"I'm waiting for 'Pirates 4’ and '5’ if they greenlight it," Martin Klebba told us last week, revealing behind-the-scenes discussions of a pair of "Pirates" sequels. "I can't see them not doing it, if you have Johnny, Gore [Verbinski], [and writers] Ted [Elliott] and Terry [Rossio]," he added. "If they did any, I could see them doing more Jack Sparrow."

As for Johnny Depp, he is wide open to returning. "You're just trying to avoid what is inevitable, which is saying goodbye to this person you've known for umpteen months and have been very close to," the superstar said of sequels. "So yeah, I hope I get to see Captain Jack again."

With Knightley, Bloom and Verbinski finished (as a director, anyways), the sequels/spin-offs would undoubtedly focus on Jack Sparrow and his search for the fountain of youth. "You could take it in any kind of direction, but it's definitely left open, the possibility of there being a fourth," said Naomie Harris, whose Tia Dalma could return to expand the implied romance between her and Sparrow. "I'd be open to that," she said of the idea.

"I am too," Lee Arenberg said of the inevitable return of comedic duo Pintel and Ragetti. "I've got a baby on the way, so I'm hoping [for more sequels]." "Me and Mackenzie [Crook] could be the new Laurel and Hardy," he added. "That would work."

If the Sparrow spin-offs do take flight, Geoffrey Rush said he'd be willing to bring Barbossa back. "If some new ideas came up, people would be interested," he grinned. "We're going to wait and see." At the end of the day, however, it's all in the hands of producer Jerry Bruckheimer. "We'll see how this opens," he told us. "If people love it, then we'll decide what to do." Judging by this weekend's huge box-office, it sounds like "CSI" won't be the only thing Bruckheimer will be spinning-off in the months to come.

Were you happy with "At World's End"? Do you want to see more sequels? Post your thoughts in the comments section, mateys!

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