Rutger Hauer And Me: A Short But Sweet Story

I'm kind of obsessed with Rutger Hauer. I mean..."Ladyhawke"?!? "Blade Runner"?!? Umm...did I mention "Ladyhawke"?!?

So when the opportunity came to talk to Rutger about his new autobiography, "All Those Moments," you can bet I swung into action like Navarre saving Isabeau (did I mention I like "Ladyhawke"?).

Soon enough you'll see a bunch from our extensive chat in which we ran through much of the man's storied career. But for now, a couple choice photos from his visit will have to do. By the way, how's this for an actual quote Rutger said to me after the interview: "you really got to my heart." Yeah! Hear that, James Lipton?!?

Rutger Hauer checks into MTV security

Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer

Rutger Hauer's MTV badge