Seth Rogen Gets Found On Apatow's 'Knocked Up' DVD

We don't like to deal in rumors and hearsay, but this tidbit straight from the mouth of Judd Apatow himself is too juicy to pass up. While Apatow's next movie "Knocked Up" stars longtime friend Seth Rogen, it wasn't meant to be that way. In fact, on the list of candidates to play the male lead of "Ben Stone," Rogen ended up near the bottom.

"Seth was the tenth actor to attempt to play the part, and nine other actors were fired," Apatow revealed to MTV. "We would ask an actor to come out and shoot [a] scene, and I would come out and fire them or they quit."

That revelation was an especially uncomfortable moment, particularly since Apatow was sitting next to Rogen at the time. So thank goodness he was kidding. The notion that rogen was the tenth choice to play the role is the concept for a fake documentary that Apatow will include on the "Knocked Up" DVD as a bonus feature. "[It's] called 'Finding Ben Stone' and it's a search for who will play this character," said the director who's quickly becoming a comedy legend. "You see all of the other actors who I fired before I found Ben. So we have James Franco, and David Krumholtz, and Gerry Bednob who is Mooj from the '40 Year Old Virgin.' At one point I thought I could be the lead, and Justin Long is in it. It's very funny, and it makes me look like an ass."

Is Apatow turning into Christopher Guest? "Finding Ben Stone" isn't the only fake documentary Apatow is planning for the DVD, he divulged. "There's another fake documentary about the fact that I'm fighting with the studio so much, that they send ["Capote" director] Bennett Miller to oversee the shoots," Apatow chuckled. "He's trying to take control of the movie and it ends up in a big fist fight between me and Bennett. [Very] funny."

"Knocked Up," starring Seth rogen, Katherine Heigl and Paul Rudd, arrives in theaters on June 1st.