The Dailies: May 23, 2007

Daniel Craig's voice returns for Bond 22, "Die Hard" director to possibly make longest, greatest car chase film of all time, Myers goes imaginary and more, in today's issue of The Dailies.

- Paul Haggis, screenwriter of "Casino Royale," returns for another go at the Bond franchise. (LA Times)

- Taking a break from street hockey, Mike Myers signs up for "Walter Mitty" remake. (Variety)

- Original "Die Hard" helmer John McTiernan saddles up with Karl Urban for "Run," with 100 pages of car chases in the script. (Variety)

- "Austin Powers" director Jay Roach takes on comedic tale of man who trains short nerdy guy to act more like his late friend. Or something like that. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Sam Neill doesn't come out when it's sunny. Joins futuristic vampire flick "Daybreakers." (Screen Daily)

- Sacha Baron Cohen pops up in LA to shoot his "Borat" follow-up, "Bruno." (Defamer)