Angelina Jolie Taking A Year Off From Acting. Here's Who Should Join Her

I love it when actors retire. This isn't to say I like it when my favorite actors throw in the towel on a worthwhile career, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I get a hearty giggle out of every time Anthony Hopkins says, "That's it! I taking a road trip and you all can watch 'Bad Company' to your heart's bloody content."

The only thing I find more amusing is when an actor is so traumatized by a couple of weeks of green screen fun that he just about loses it (ie. Liam Neeson nearly packing it up after "The Haunting").

It's a slightly different story for Angelina Jolie today with word coming down that she's going to take a year off from the biz to spend more time with the fam.

Still, it got me thinking...who should take a year off from acting? Take note publicists and power mongers, these are the rants of one lone fan. MTV just pays the bills. They don't tell me what to type.

Eddie Murphy -- This is a pre-emptive warning. There's no actor I was more thrilled to see earn well overdue accolades months ago than Eddie Murphy for "Dreamgirls." Then what happens? In his finest hour, the kind of abysmal "Norbit" comes out and Murphy announces he's pumped for "Beverly Hills Cop IV." Now?!? You're the toast of the town. Now's the time to stretch, not team up with Judge Reinhold again.

Robin Williams -- It makes be feel badly to write this. Really it does. And I know he's been a whipping boy since "Patch Adams" but you know what, there's a reason! The ratio of good to cringe-inducing is just too out of whack for someone with Williams' enormous talents. "R.V."?!? "House of D"?!? Robin, come back to us!

Chris Tucker -- Who's got my favorite bizarre filmography in recent movie history? Look no further than Mr. Chris Tucker. Since 1998 (which by the way was nine years ago), Tucker has appeared in just three films: "Rush Hour," "Rush Hour 2," and the eagerly anticipated "Rush Hour 3." I don't know if Chris needs a year off to re-prioritize or fire his management or re-acquire whatever incriminating photos Brett Ratner has of him but something must be done.

Luke Wilson -- Again, another actor I generally enjoy (truly this isn't bringing me any joy...well maybe a little). Team Luke up with Wes Anderson and he's golden. Throw him in "Alex and Emma"? You're in for a world of pain. I know it's tough to be in that lower tier of leading men but I just saw the trailer for "Blonde Ambition" and there is just no excuse for that.

Jessica Simpson -- Did I mention I just watched the trailer for "Blonde Ambition"? We know you're trying, Jessica, and lord knows "Dukes of Hazzard" was no worse than "Crossroads" but there's got to be some concerted thought put into the acting thing before we all move forward.

Have I got it wrong? Can you not get enough of the above five? Who should take a little break from the acting thing? Sound off below.