'Transformers' To Feature Apple iPod Character?

The 30 and 60-gigabyte models might seem big, but beware...your iPod is capable of a lot more than meets the eye, "Transformers" star Josh Duhamel revealed exclusively to MTV News.

"The Transformer that will steal all the scenes I would say is this little iPod thing, [it's] crazy," he enthused. "It's pretty cool." Although he didn't mention it by name, it's possible he was talking about the Transformer known as Soundwave, a Generation-1 Decepticon who, in the original cartoon, changes from a large robot into a tape deck. While the design might have seemed cutting edge in 1985, a tape deck wouldn't fit into the hyper-modern setting for the Michael Bay-directed flick.

But just because he's small, that doesn't mean this Transformer shouldn't be taken seriously. "It's like this crazy little 12-inch iPod that turns into this little killing machine," he divulged.

Has Duhamel revealed the look of Soundwave? Sound off and tell us what you make of an iPod Transformer.