Eli Roth Diaries: The Secret Is Good Coffee

Eli Roth has been documenting the making of "Hostel: Part II" with a series of diary entries for MTV. Yesterday Roth introduced us to his editor. Today he reveals his secret weapon in the edit room.

The secret ingredient to a good editing room is the coffee. I never -- ever -- drank coffee before "Hostel: Part II." I just didn't like the taste. Even all those years I worked with David Lynch, I don't think I ever had so much as a single cup, and he's a coffee addict. But somewhere along the way living in Prague I got hooked on the European coffee. It's what got me through the exhaustion of the shoot. I had no idea that if you were tired you could drink coffee and it totally wakes you up (I'm a little slow when it comes to some things.)

By the time I got back to Los Angeles, I was craving the European coffee. Luckily, [the editor] George is a coffee afficionado, and has a beautiful 30-year-old Spanish espresso machine all set up in the editing room. He gets the beans from this place in Beverly Hills, and grinds them up fresh. When I get into the editing room, we usually spend about half an hour making coffee. We just grind up the beans and talk about terrible coffee drinking experiences we've had. By the end of the first week we've pretty much gone through all our stories, but we'll then talk about how great it is that we have the best coffee on the lot, and isn't it wonderful how we can drink all this coffee, and -- oh -- wait, we should probably edit. Then we got into the editing room and start to look at footage.

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