The Joker Believes In Viral Marketing

Well, that was quick. Last Thursday we reported that Warner Bros had launched a Harvey Dent campaign site in support of "The Dark Knight," and now yet another notorious figure in Gotham City has also taken to the virtual airwaves. offers visitors a defaced version of the Aaron Eckhart-as-Dent photo from the first site, but give it a few seconds and the screen is replaced, pixel by pixel, by the first official image of Heath Ledger as The Joker (see the full pic after the jump). This isn't enough to hold us over until the film's July 18, 2008 release date, but we'll admit it's a good start.

UPDATE: Don't be fooled by the "page not found" message on the Warner Brothers page above. Clicking "Select All" or dragging your mouse across the screen will reveal it's another Joker prank.

Good/bad? Tell us in our comments how you think Christopher Nolan's slightly unveiled version of the maniacal madman stacks up with previous incarnations.