'Pirates' Director Gore Verbinski Adopts 'Flawed Dogs'

He helped create one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, but now "Pirates of the Caribbean" helmer Gore Verbinski is turning his attention to something on the smaller side...unadopted canines. The director is looking to bring Berkeley Breathed's "Flawed Dogs" to theaters as an animated film.

The book -- a tongue-in-cheek catalog of "damaged" pooches held at the Piddleton 'Last Chance' Dog Pound -- is written and illustrated by Breathed, who is better known as the cartoonist behind the popular syndicated comic strip "Bloom County."

"He wrote a great book that I thought was really endearing and interesting," Verbinski remarked. "If we can do something, we're going to start talking about that after a little bit of a vacation [for me]."

The project would mark the first all-CGI film for Verbinski, but the director doesn't consider that an obstacle. "The majority of the work is trying to hash out the story. Making the movie is the next phase. If I can get to a place where we have something that's really compelling, yeah, I would love to do it."

Verbinski's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" opens Friday, May 25, 2007.