This 'Jurassic World' Fan Theory Argues The Raptor Squad Was Always On Team Owen

The raptors neither switched sides nor betrayed Chris Pratt.

It's hard to imagine "Jurassic World" or even "Jurassic Park" without raptors cavorting around. "Jurassic World" gave us a new way to see raptors when Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) demonstrated that the prehistoric creatures could be trained to follow a leader.

Of course, this ended up backfiring when the raptors were sent out to attack the Indominus‍ rex and presumably switched to the dark side and teamed up with the hybrid dino, ditching Pratt like a cheap prom date.

However, Reddit user Dazric argues the raptors never actually swapped leadership, claiming, "The raptors were always on Owen's side, and three of the four died trying to protecting him."

Warning, spoilers below!

  • For starters, shortly before Charlie died (RIP Charlie), she looked to Owen for his approval.

    According to Dazric, "When [Vic] Hoskins [Vincent D'Onofrio] has them start shooting, in the resulting confusion the raptor pack has to act on its own, and being still mostly wild animals, hunt the perceived threat that is the other humans. They do attempt to meet up with Owen, who, incorrectly, thinks the 'raptors have a new alpha,' but they fail. One of them is killed by a rocket, but shortly before that, she appears as if she might defer to Owen with regards to the kill she had just made, with him being higher in the pecking order."

    So, Charlie wasn't trying to switch sides, but rather wanted her alpha Owen to admire her bravery for killing the "enemy," which she mistakenly thought was the other humans. Give her a break; she's a raptor, not a mind reader.

  • Furthermore, Delta only killed Hoskins because he was threatening Owen.

    "The raptor that kills Hoskins showed up when Hoskins was getting close to and being aggressive towards Owen. The raptor doesn't surprise him or even look at Owen, instead she vocalizes, getting Hoskins' attention, and then she immediately interposes herself between Hoskins and Owen, keeping her back to Owen in what is probably a defensive posture. She certainly wouldn't have done it if she thought Owen was a potential threat."

    TBH, Hoskins was a complete jerk, so no great loss there. Dazric's observation about Delta's position makes sense. If Delta did see Owen as a threat to her life, she would've face him head-on, not tossed him "out of sight, out of mind" behind her.

  • Owen never actually had to reassert dominance with his raptors.

    Dazric believes, "When they rejoin Owen against the Indominus, he never does anything to show or reassert dominance over the Indominus and the rest of the pack. He didn't have to, because he had always been considered the alpha, because the Indominus /never/ [sic] did anything to assert dominance over him."

    Basically, just because the Indominus had raptor blood running through its ginormous body doesn't mean the raptors felt an instant connection or feeling of brotherhood with the beast. They only felt that way with Owen.

  • The raptors were confused about Owen's ultimate end game.

    "It's also possible that, since the Raptors had already accepted a non-raptor as the alpha, they thought that Owen's goal was to bring the Indominus into the pack to fight the humans, who they had, again, seen him fight with," argues Dazric.

    From the raptors' POV, that makes a lot of sense. The only creatures the raptor squad saw "threatening" Owen during the movie were other humans. So, that would be confusing if Owen was gearing them up for an attack, only to make them fight something that wasn't a human who'd been threatening him.

  • Oh, and Blue's reason for attacking the other trainer is completely understandable.

    Dazic states, "I think it's because she was caught up in the panic and confusion of the fight, and didn't immediately recognize him like she would have with Owen. As soon as he said her name, she backed off to look at him, instead of continuing to attack."

    Because the internet is a magical place, the actor who "played" Blue, Hamid-Reza Benjamin Thompson, commented on the theory. He admitted, "Seeing as though I am blue, I wanted to let you know that I went through a roller coaster of emotions trying to figure out wtf was going on because my world got flip turned upside down."

    So, there you have it.

We're counting down the days until the "Jurassic World" sequel premieres, which unfortunately won't happen until 2018.

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