'Finding Carter' Poll: Who's The Right Man For Carter -- Crash Or Jared?

The handsome army recruit is back in the picture, along with that married man.

Anyone else see a love triangle on the horizon?

Tonight's "Finding Carter" featured the return of bad-boy-turned-army-stud Crash, and it came in the nick of time: His former paramour Carter (OMG, that breakup) was knee-deep in drama with her current paramour Jared due to the recently revealed fact that -- well, look at that -- he's married.

Jared, of course, had a bunch of BS a few excuses for why he's legally espoused, even saying his wife Sara won't grant him a divorce.

"She doesn't show up to court," he claimed, before adding, "She won't let me see my daughter. She holds the custody thing over my head."

But Carter heard a different story when she decided to track down Sara at the boutique where she works: As Bird tried on clothes, the Wilson twin made small talk with Jared's little Mrs., deftly commenting on her wedding ring and getting her to open up about her marriage.

"[It's] the worst," Sara said, before trashing Jared. "He's a complete loser, and I have a kid with him. She's the most beautiful baby in the world -- that's why it's so insane to me that my ex doesn't even want to see her."


Reeling from the revelations -- and Jared's apparent untruths -- Carter's mind soon wandered to a guy who would never, ever lie like a rug and abandon his daughter; before long, she was placing a call to -- woot! -- Crash. And while the army newcomer was happy to hear from her, he sensed something was wrong.

"Carter, are you okay?" he asked.

"I don't know," she replied. "I know you said this is something I should do on my own, but sometimes that's harder than I thought it would be."

And of course, the handsome recruit (that haircut though) had some tender words of wisdom. "I get that," he said. "But if there's anything I learned from the army is that sometimes, fear is the worst part. You can't let fear stop you from living."

Oh, the feels: At that moment, we couldn't help but think Carter made a mistake by letting Crash go -- and we were thrilled that she maybe-sorta-kinda planted a seed of reconciliation. Oh, also at that moment, we decided Jared is a d-bag.

Or is he?

Later, in an effort to prove that Sara is a liar, the Magic Hour owner brought Carter court documents showing he wasn't ignoring his daughter at all: Apparently, he'd once even tried to gain custody. His plan worked: Carter forgave him and -- oh, dear -- agreed to move into his pad. And when she arrived at their now-shared abode later that evening, the two began a full-on makeout session -- one so intense that Carter failed to notice her phone was ringing with a call from...Crash.

Remember that seed of reconciliation we mentioned? Consider it planted.

But, metaphorically speaking, which guy should Carter keep in her garden, and which one should be weeded out? Sure, Jared may have proven his wife was lying, but he's already kept one huge secret from Carter. What if he's hiding more? Meanwhile, since straightening up and flying right, Crash has constantly supported Carter and encouraged her to better herself -- and now, even thousands of miles away, he's still the wind beneath her wings ("Beaches" moment without the sand).

So tell us: Who do you think is the right man for Carter -- Crash or Jared? And are you getting bad vibes from Jared like we are, or are we just being paranoid? Take our poll, sound off in the comments, and be sure to catch the next "FC" on Tuesday at 10/9c!