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7 Times Louis Stood Out On One Direction's New Album

Our guy Louis Tomlinson shines on Made In The A.M..

Ever since Simon Cowell envisioned the five guys together on "X Factor" in 2010, One Direction has always been the perfect combination of voices to make their songs work -- from their beginnings in the catchiest of pop music tailored for teens to Friday's (Nov. 13) Made In The A.M. release.

Of course, each dude has had his standout moment throughout the years -- Zayn, before his departure, was responsible for the high notes, Harry brought the grit, Liam rounded out their sound with low notes, Niall had that youthful charm and Louis brought the sweetness. After Zayn left, Harry took on his falsetto, but on their fifth album, it seems like Louis is taking ownership.

While Louis Tomlinson usually blends in with the other guys, Made In The A.M. provides him with tons of standout moments where he either belts it out or takes command on a solo -- and fans are noticing. Here are the best Louis moments from Made In The A.M.:

  1. That high note on 'End Of The Day'...
  2. The 'I Want To Write You A Song' chorus is so raspy but so angelic.
  3. Louis closes out the retro-sounding 'Olivia' with 'Don't let me go.'
  4. Lots of fans are loving his 'History' bridge.
  5. He sounds quite lovely on 'If I Could Fly.'
  6. Louis' solo and high note on 'Love You Goodbye' is a Directioner's dream.
  7. On the album opener 'Hey Angel,' Louis' singing had some people like:

What was your favorite Louis moment on Made In The A.M.? Tell us in the comments!