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Zayn Malik Looks Pretty Sad Right Now, Guys

This frown was not 'Made in the A.M.'

One Direction is but hours away from releasing their first post-Zayn Malik album Made in the A.M., and, judging by the most recent pictures of the guy, he's pretty bummed out right now.

Zayn was spotted out and about in New York City Wednesday (Nov. 11) night, wearing a beanie and lots of sulk ...

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We could chalk that one up to being unexpectedly photographed on the streets like that, for sure, especially since he later shared a selfie with a fan. But then today (Thurs. Nov 12), he posted this sadface Instagram shot that seemed full of pout.

He even looks a little misty-eyed in the shot, so we can't help but wonder: Why is Zayn so sad right now?

Perhaps he's starting to re-think the solo career jam and wants to jump back on the 1D ship whenever it re-docks? We would *like* to think so, but then there's the matter of this tweet:

Or maybe he's, like us, getting all the feels about the band's upcoming hiatus -- which ... understandable, especially with all the tear-jerking they're doing with that perfect send-off song "History."

Whatever's happening right now, we've got tissues and ears and whatever else it'll take to turn that frown upside-down, Zayn. You know where to reach us.