Jennifer Lawrence's Awkward Interview Spoof Is Her Best Acting Yet

'If horses are anything like sharks, they'll be able to smell my weakness.'

Awkward celebrity interviews can range everywhere from absolutely adorable (see also: Mila Kunis' chat with that cute British journo newb) to uncomfortable (Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker) to completely cringe-inducing (a la Cara Delevingne).

Leave it to Jennifer Lawrence, though, to make them rolling on the floor-level hilarious.

As a behind-the-scenes feature for her December 2015 Vogue Magazine cover shoot, Jennifer Lawrence starred in an original short spoof about her scary experience being hauled out to the desert in a sketchy SUV to some remote motel with horses nearby for this interview, and the results are LOLOL.

First come the spot-on walking impressions of Susan Sarandon, Michelle Obama, Britney Spears and Kate Moss (wait for it).

"I don't know, I saw a black Cadillac SUV in my driveway, so I just assumed I should get in it ... and now I realize I've made the biggest mistake of my entire life," she jokes in the open from Room 17 of the Easy Rest-Inn.

"I might actually die at my Vogue photo shoot today. I just feel like we're in Quentin Tarantino's house. I feel like this is where I imagine he lives."

J.Law also makes besties with a horse by sharing an apple and a shimmy -- "this is probably what it's like to be on a date with me," the actress jokes.

Also? Jen decides she's fully capable of handling her own photo lighting, thank you very much. "It's kind of an art, especially when you figure it out yourself," she not-so-humble-brags about her supposed new skill.

Oh, there's more, so watch the full vid below.