Adam Levine Knows How You Feel About His Bald Look

He knows you hate it. HE KNOWS.

Adam Levine knows, intellectually, that he is a celebrity -- and that celebrities are the subject of gossip when they make drastic changes to their appearance.

But if he could be so bold, he would very much appreciate it if we could all stop talking about the time he shaved his head and it looked kind of weird and creepy.

He knows it looked kind of weird and creepy, okay? He knows. He knows because you -- all of you! -- keep insisting on telling him how weird and creepy it was, and you are monsters, and you need to stop.

"People have opinions about these things, and I can't believe that they do, because it seems so stupid to have such a strong reaction to it," Levine said, in an interview with Seth Meyers that aired last night (Nov. 11). "It's just hair. It will grow back."

And since it has grown back, the "Voice" star is more than ready to not field anymore random feedback on how much you don't like his cue ball look.

"I'm like, 'Alright. Thanks? Nice to see you too, stranger,'" he said, describing his internal response to the criticism from passersby on the street. In fact, he's preparing a comeback for the next person who comes up to him with hair commentary:

"You're stupid!"