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Meek Mill's Dreamchasers 4 Needs To Be Undeniable

Looks like we're getting closer.

Forget Twitter, Instagram, photoshoots, interviews or anything else -- nothing can jumpstart an artist better than an undeniable song or project.

Given the last few months, it seems like that's exactly what Meek Mill needs.

After the feud between Drake and Meek and its subsequent fallout -- from the songs to the memes to the onstage trash talk -- public perception, at least online, is heavily in Drake's favor. But that tide should shift or, in the very least, bring some flames to Meek's name once again, with a hit single or mixtape.

He's proven capable of this over and over, so there's no reason to think it can't happen again. From "I'ma Boss" to "Amen" to "Levels" to "Dreams and Nightmares," the MMG rapper's usually got something that the streets can sink their teeth into.

With his most recent album out this past June, the likely next offering we'll get from Meek is his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape. We still don't know when, but it's continuing to feel like that drop could come any day. Thursday morning (Nov. 12), we got our latest preview. It's a little too brief to get any real sense of the song or what it could become, but Meek's patented energy hasn't gone anywhere, that's for sure.

That followed up some previews Meek gave back in September. Again, too bite-sized to make any grand proclamations -- but the the seedlings of something are here.

It might not be too late for Meek to get some momentum back on his side -- if the records are right.