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Kendrick Lamar's Therapeutic Groove Sessions End With The Most Powerful Chant

K. Dot die-hards break down 'King Kunta's Groove Sessions.'

LOS ANGELESKendrick Lamar performed in front of a sold-out hometown crowd on Wednesday night, (Nov. 11), as part of his Kunta's Groove Sessions Tour. Fans at The Wiltern in L.A. were so amped about it, in fact, that when K. Dot tried to end the show, something inspiring happened.

Out of nowhere, the crowd started chanting his motivational hook in unison: “We gon’ be alright! We gon’ be alright! We gon’ be alright!”

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That continued for about five minutes straight, until Kendrick emerged from the back and, like a conductor, he brought the chants down to a whisper. Then, he brought them back up to screams. And then, he launched into the night's potent finale: "Alright."

As this was happening, I couldn’t help but think of how powerful this chant has become. It's been part of protests and marches since it dropped, a rallying cry for hope even in the face of injustice and tragedy.

Lisette Rosales, a 23-year-old who was at the show, helped summarize its impact. "We all constantly worry so we all really wanted that song at the very end,” she explained. "'We gon' be alright' speaks to so many people. It speaks to society. It doesn’t matter who you are, we’re all people and we’re gonna be alright."

The performance affected concert goers on a personal level, too. Nelson Suarez, a 23-year-old who called this "the livest concert" he's ever attended, said it was especially therapeutic for him.

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"I’ve been through some stuff the last few days," Suarez said. "Just a lot of stress. Going through a lot of things in life right now. But [Kendrick] shows you that there’s beauty in life."

"Alright" isn't the only jam with that type of impact. Another K. Dot fan, 23-year-old Gabriela Valencia, for instance, was moved by "i," a song she bumps when she needs a pick-me-up before work or with life in general.

"We all feel alone in our problems," Valencia said. "We all feel isolated once in awhile. We all share those feelings, but [Kendrick] makes it feel a little less lonely. And he actually makes me feel like I love myself. He makes me feel important."

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Kendrick helped drive those messages home throughout the night to the 1,800 or so fans in attendance. He'd pause to deliver a speech or emphasize his lyrics with dramatic flow variations. His band would go on instrumental grooves, letting K. Dot (and his fans) vibe out to those sounds. It all worked to make the concert more of a warm experience.

"I love how intimate it was," Valencia said. "It felt like we were in his living room. It felt extremely personal. I love that he did that."

Besides intimacy, K. Dot fans were also treated to the Compton MC's discography, one that's often praised for its versatility. And it was all on full display here.

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During "Groove Sessions," K. Dot drives from "Backseat Freestyle" fun to "m.A.A.d City" chaos, from suicidal thoughts in "u" to "i's" self-adoration. After watching him navigate through this emotional roller coaster, you can understand how and why fans have said he's changed their lives or why "Alright" has become such an inspirational chant. Kendrick's music gives listeners hope.

"He makes me keep pushing forward, to keep trying and to keep succeeding," Rosales said, before summarizing what she takes from K. Dot's message. "You never know what’s in store, but you’re gonna be alright...someday."

Andres Tardio / MTV News