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Record Numbers Of Millennials Are Living With Their Parents

More young men and women live at home than any time since 1940, according to new data.

If you're a twenty-something living at home, you're not alone.

Per TIME Magazine, there are currently more young people living with their parents than at any time since 1940. According to new data from The Pew Research Center, in 2014, 36.4% of women ages 18 to 34 lived at home, while 42.8% of young men also resided with family.

For young women, in particular, these numbers represent a major change. In 1940, 36.2% of young women lived with their parents or relatives, but as decades passed, more women joined the workforce and marriage rates increased -- in 1960, just 24% of young women lived at home.

Today, however, more young women are likely to be college educated and unmarried, and once you add in factors like the high cost of education, it makes sense that more women would be sticking to the nest. Women are also getting married much later than they did back in 1940 -- back then, 62% of young women were married, while in 2013, that percentage was just 30%.

The good news is that women are five times more likely to attend college than they were in 1940, so yay, progress! But moving out of Mom and Dad's? Some of us are still working on it.