Here’s Which Made In The A.M. Track You’ll Love Most, Based On Your Current Fave 1D Song

We know your new favorite song.

One Direction fans, the day is looming near — the band’s fifth album, Made In The A.M., arrives this Friday (Nov. 13), and anticipation is sky-high (especially for the Larry shippers of the world).

The guys have graciously released several new songs to get us appropriately psyched for the full album, but now we’re doing you one better: giving you an ultimate guide to which MITAM tracks will be your new favorite, based on the One Direction songs you already love.

You’re undoubtedly familiar with MITAM’s first two singles, “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect,” but what about the other 15 tracks? Here’s your 1D discography-inspired roadmap:

  1. If you like “Clouds,” you’ll love “Hey Angel.”

    During 1D’s First Listen party, Harry Styles actually pointed to this track as MITAM’s “Clouds,” and he was spot-on. It’s a lush, airy anthem with plenty of heavenly “ooh’s” that’ll make you feel like you’re actually floating.

  2. If you like “You & I,” you’ll love “Infinity.”

    Both of these ballads have a little bit of tension in them — you get the feeling that they’re both building up to something. And when each of them hits their climax about two-thirds in, it takes your breath away.

  3. If you like “Happily,” you’ll love “End of the Day.”

    “Love is scary, but worth it” is the underlying theme of both of these catchy tunes. With their pretty verses and foot-stomping choruses, they’ll have you feeling optimistic about following your heart.

  4. If you like “Fool’s Gold,” you’ll love “If I Could Fly.”

    Which is to say, if you love balling your eyes out to “Fool’s Gold,” you’ll love doing the same for this crushing Harry Styles-penned ballad. They both tout the riskiness of being vulnerable, and they’ll both turn you into puddles of emotional goo.

  5. If you like “Once In A Lifetime,” you’ll love “Long Way Down.”

    These ones are both easygoing, a little anti-climactic (but in a soothing way), and have imagery-based lyrics. “Long Way Down” finds the guys saying things like “We sailed an ocean and drowned in the waves,” while “Once In A Lifetime” has them talking about stars aligning and having a love that no “landslide or riptide” could take away.

  6. If you like “Act My Age,” you’ll love “Never Enough.”

    It’s no wonder why Niall says “Never Enough” is his fave MITAM track — it’s totally this album’s “Act My Age.” They’re both kind of kooky in the most charming and fun ways — “Act My Age” has this silly Irish jig component to it, while “Never Enough” boasts maniacal chanting and grunts. Weird and wild and wonderful.

  7. If you like “Girl Almighty,” you’ll love “Olivia.”

    Truth is, “Olivia” doesn’t sound a whole lot like anything in 1D’s discography. It’s tempting to stick “Diana” here and point to the easy comparison that they’re both named after ladyfriends, but I think that, with its catchy lyrics about praising a lucky girl, “Olivia” will easily appeal to “Girl Almighty” fans (though it’s not as rock-driven — in fact, there’s a whole strings arrangement happening in this one).

  8. If you like “Fireproof,” you’ll love “What A Feeling.”

    Both of these tracks are breezy, breezy, breezy. With their slinky grooves and easy-listening vibes, they’re basically tailor-made for convertible cruisin’.

  9. If you like “Moments,” you’ll love “Love You Goodbye.”

    The guys mourn lost relationships in these tunes, which both sound like classic boy band numbers.

  10. If you like “Little Things,” you’ll love “I Want To Write You A Song.”

    Like “Little Things,” “I Want To Write You A Song” is a simple and sweet tune will make you feel positively adored.

  11. If you like “Don’t Forget Where You Belong,” you’ll love “History.”

    Happy, singalong vibes are aplenty in both of these songs. “History” has a little more of a campfire feel, but ultimately, they both deliver reassuring, optimistic, “I’m there for you” messages.

  12. If you like “No Control,” you’ll love “Temporary Fix.”

    These fun, rock-fueled jams are instantly danceable and have more mature themes to them (remember: Niall said “Temporary Fix” is about a “grungy night out”).

  13. If you like “Ready To Run,” you’ll love “Walking In The Wind.”

    The uplifting breeziness of these songs are utterly undeniable, and they both have big, sweeping choruses that’ll make you want to frolic freely in a field.

  14. If you like “Why Don't We Go There,” you’ll love “Wolves.”

    Thematically, “Wolves” is a lot like “Steal My Girl” (the “wolves” in question here are dudes who try to hit on their girls in the club), but with its foot-stomping catchiness, I’d liken this one to “Why Don’t We Go There.” (Especially because Harry sounds a lot like Zayn while leading the chorus. Just sayin’.)

  15. If you like “Night Changes,” you’ll love “A.M.”

    “Night Changes” is a love song while “A.M.” is more of an ode to late nights with friends, but their easygoing simplicity nicely complements one another.

One Direction fans, which new Made In The A.M. song are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!