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11 Ways Rick Grimes Is Basically The Severus Snape Of 'Walking Dead'

Take a closer look at two of the great defenders against the dark arts.

What do "The Walking Dead" and "Harry Potter" have in common? Not a ton, except for the fact that the main character of the first is basically the same guy as the coolest character in the second.

No, I'm not saying that Rick Grimes, former lawman turned barbaric zombie killer, is the same person as Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts and undercover Death Eater. But Rick's arc has a lot more in common with the unsung hero of "Harry Potter" than you might think. For example…

  1. Like Snape, Rick started out with good intentions.

    They both just wanted to live normal lives and be the best versions of themselves.

  2. Then a cruel world turned him cruel.

    A lot of very bad things happened in the Wizarding World and the Atlanta area alike.

  3. He was bullied by his peers.

    Stay tuned for "11 Ways Shane Walsh Is Basically James Potter." (Just kidding, he's totally Sirius.)

  4. He lost the love of his life…

    Lily and Lori sound kind of similar, no?

  5. …leaving him stuck with an obnoxious kid he must protect.

    Sorry, Carl. You've been cooler recently.

  6. He's walked among dead eaters.

    Not quite DEATH Eaters, but close enough.

  7. His soul was saved by a wise man with an awesome beard.

    Stay tuned for "11 Ways Hershel Green Is Basically Dumbledore," featuring the subhead, "Blake Killed Dumbledore."

  8. He's killed good people for the right reasons.

    I mean, Ethan Embry wasn't so bad, was he?

  9. You gotta imagine he'll die for the right reasons.

    It's so easy to picture Rick letting himself get bitten, Snape style, to save the people he loves.

  10. And hey! Maybe someone will name a baby after him.

    Rick Grimes Greene-Rhee has a certain ring to it.

  11. Also, the actor who played Snape is Alan…

    RICK, MAN! Class dismissed.

  • BONUS: They were both in "Love Actually."
  • Yes, actually!

    NOW class is dismissed.

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