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Fifth Harmony And Meghan Trainor Teamed Up For Another Song, And The Name Is Very 'Clever'

'We're getting to experiment a lot,' Ally from 5H told us.

In just three short years, Fifth Harmony have emerged as a major force in pop music.

They hit us like a "Sledgehammer" in 2015 with several hit singles -- including "Bo$$" and "Worth It" -- their debut album Reflection and a tour that had them travel the world to see their Harmonizers.

While most groups would take a bit of a break after a whirlwind year, the girls -- Normani, Lauren, Camila, Ally, and Dinah -- are hard at work at their second album, which has them experimenting with different sounds.

"It's going really well, we're working with Stargate again who did 'Worth It' and some of Max Martin's team, as well and a bunch of different producers," Ally recently told MTV News while touring as the celebrity ambassador for March Of Dimes to raise awareness on premature birth. "We kind of have the whole reggae, pop, urban, R&B type of feel in the album and we're getting to experiment a lot and we have a lot of input in what we are doing this time around."

Ally said that the group co-wrote "a little" bit on the album, but were very instrumental in making sure that the themes they wanted to talk about were conveyed.

"We are going to keep the whole girl power theme going on, and we are talking about love and heartbreak," she said. "What's really cool about this album is that it's going to show a more vulnerable side to us because we didn't really get to do that on the last album, so that's going to be great."

Ally said "5H2" (which is not the actual album name) has an "edgier" sound, and Meghan Trainor helped them bring that to life. The "All About That Bass" singer co-wrote their hit "Sledgehammer" and decided to come back for round two with a track titled, "Tinderella."

"I'm not going to say too much about it, but its really cool, it has really great production," Ally said. "The lyrics are very clever which is what I'll say. She's so much fun and she was in the studio when we recorded it which was awesome, she's amazing."

And as for those rumors that Nicki Minaj may be on the album, they are, unfortunately, just rumors -- at the moment, at least.

"That was a dream collaboration so hopefully it will come through," Ally said. "But as far as collaborations, we are researching and looking into that right now."

No word on when the new material will be released, but Ally did say they have "do have a plan," but her "lips are sealed...for now.".