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Justin Bieber Talks Pet Monkey, Dyeing His Hair And Why You’ll Never See Him Publicly Smoking

'I don’t see anything wrong with having a monkey,' Justin said.

Justin Bieber is officially everywhere.

He's taken over "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," taken over our playlists and has taken over basically every magazine, including his latest cover story for i-D.

Justin opens up about the challenges of making his upcoming album, Purpose, his hair-dying days and what ever happened to his pet monkey. Spoiler alert: "It's happy."

Here's everything we learned from Justin's latest revealing interview.

  1. Straight Outta This Party

    Over the summer, Justin went to a party where "a lot was going down," so he decided to "dip" and go see "Straight Outta Compton" all by himself, which he said was "so good."

  2. He's Not Into The Small-Town Life

    Justin may have grown up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, which he calls a "dope place" and visits every Christmas holiday, but don't expect him to be moving back permanently anytime soon.

    "I can't say I miss it much just because I don't feel like I belong there. Everyone has a routine and does the same thing every day, goes to the same bar and sees the same people. I just can't do that. My imagination and my creativity runs too wild."

  3. Blondes Have More Fun

    Justin's bleach-blond look isn't something new to him. In fact, he used to dye his hair white-blond every summer for four years starting when he was 8 years old.

    "During soccer season. It was just a thing I did, just like a routine. A couple of my other boys did it with me. 'Oh, Slim Shady's done it? We can now...." he said before later adding, "blondes do have more fun."

  4. His Dad Was A Pretend Calvin Klein Model
    Calvin Klein

    While Justin became a Calvin Klein model, his dad, Jeremy Bieber, who had a "crazy" and "chiseled" body back in the day, used to pretend he was one, going to bars and telling people he was a CK model. "He'd take his top off to prove it."

  5. Bieber's Way Or No Way

    Justin fought to make sure this was the music and the direction that he wanted take with this album since this was a turning point in his career as he made this "transition from boy to man."

    "It was tough because I had to really stick to my guns. I was like, 'I'm going to fight it. I'm going to fight what you say, even if you guys are going to stop pushing my project. I would rather not be successful than let you steal this from me.' Finally, I'd pushed for so long and been so consistent — 'It's either this way or it's no way, you let me do this or nothing' — that they let me do what I wanted to do."

  6. He Fell In Love Too Young
    Instagram (@justinbieber)

    Justin has been talking a lot about his ex Selena Gomez during the promotion of this album, saying that she is his first "real love" and keeping the door open to a reconciliation. In this interview Justin alludes to the fact that being young may have played a part in their downfall.

    "I think with that relationship... I put so much of myself on the line with her, because I was so distant with everyone else," he said. "So it's like, you have the world who's loving you but it's not like they know my heart — they don't know me. So when I found that love I was just like, 'Woah, I want to hold on to this.' And I just put everything into it and in reality there's just no holding back. You're just like, 'This love feels so good.'"

  7. Justin's Got A Lot Of Girlfriends

    But they are strictly just friends, namely Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, who he calls "the best."

    "They are literally the sweetest girls," he said. "They have the best hearts. They care about me in the same way that I care about them. When people say mean things about them, I get defensive and when it happens to me they get defensive."

  8. You Won't See Him Smoking

    If Justin wants to smoke weed behind closed doors then he will, but you will never see him doing something like that in public because that's "not who I am."

    "If it's something I do then it's something I do, but it's not who I am and what I want to put on blast for the world to see. Like, who's Snoop Dogg? That's the dude who smokes a lot of weed," he said. "That's become his identity almost. And I don't want my identity to be anything but who I am and what my music is portraying me to be."

  9. "Where Are Ü Now" Was A Blessing From Above

    His collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo kickstarted this new chapter of his career giving him a monster hit and introducing him to a whole new audience, something Justin credits God for doing.

    "I completely see that as being God. I couldn't have asked for a better start to all this stuff, and then the direction that it went in? That was definitely God," he said. "Because you never know when you have a hit."

  10. Things Got Pretty Dark

    Justin revealed that he began recording this album three years ago, but was in a very "different" and "dark place." Justin still has that music in his vault and is unsure of whether or not he will release it, but wanted Purpose to give people hope.

  11. Kanye Makes You Think

    Justin hooked up with Kanye West on a track that didn't make the album, but that doesn't mean that working with him wasn't an unforgettable experience.

    "Kanye's the best. He just talks. For so long. And it's so dope. Even when it sounds crazy, I know that I'm listening to how he feels because he always puts things into such a different perspective." He pauses. "He makes you wonder. To get that stamp of approval from him made me feel comfortable with the project."

  12. The Monkey Is Happy

    Back in 2013, Justin was gifted a monkey by one of his friends, which he said wasn't a "weird" thing for him, since he was used to seeing Marcel in "Friends" and Michael Jackson's Bubbles. Justin brought the monkey everywhere, but once he got to Germany he didn't have the proper paperwork, and the monkey was left behind.

    "Once I had the monkey I just wanted to bring it everywhere. I was like, I'm not going anywhere without the monkey. I went to Germany and they were like, you don't have the right papers. I had brought all the papers that I thought I needed but apparently I didn't have the right ones so they took my monkey. Really, I can see why Michael would like monkeys. I don't see anything wrong with having a monkey. I might get another one." Where is the monkey now? "The monkey is in a zoo in Germany, so it's being cared for. And it's with other monkeys, so it's happy."