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A Fake Drake Just Dropped A Mixtape Called Tearz From The 6

And you can play a video game to go along with it.

For some reason, people think Drake cries all the time. He’s heard this so often, he once asked his mom to help explain it. Now, there’s a whole video game and an entire mixtape all about Drizzy’s tears.

Tearz From The 6 is a parody project released today to go along with a mobile game called “Drizzy Tearz.” We’ll get to the game in a moment, but first we have to dive in to this elaborate fake Drake mixtape.

The Tristen Winger project is filled with music that kinda, sorta sounds like Drake's. There's a song, for example, that's like a "Know Yourself" knockoff called "Who Am I" and it's all about Drake not knowing who he is. It's all super emo and cheesy and I think that's the whole point.

You'll also find a few emotional phone messages and interludes on here. At one point, a somber Drake impersonator says, "When it rains, my heart pours." ? It's that kind of project.

Now, to the video game...

Drizzy Tearz

The game's premise is easy: Stop tears from falling off Drizzy's face. But that task turns out to be pretty difficult. I played it for a few sessions and was not very good at it, but I didn't shed any "tearz" as a result.

You can download the game for yourself here.