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Toddler's Tiny, Squeaky Shoes Are The Cure For Your Rainy Day Blues

Try to be in a bad mood in squeaky shoes. We dare you.

No matter how old any of us get, we never totally outgrow acting like a fussy baby. In the moment everyone eventually snaps out out of it, sometimes with a little outside help. While help can come in many forms, one adorable YouTube star, Yeseo, has found the ultimate cure-all for a case of the grumps: squeaky shoes.

Yeseo and her sister, Yerin Park, are a duo from South Korea who are blowing up on the internet. Both sisters are regularly featured on their father's popular YouTube channel, bobaepapa.

The following video, originally posted in early October, features little Yeseo throwing what could've been a tantrum but instead was something so much more awesome. As you can see, being this unbearably cute is clearly a genetic trait:

It might be hard to find squeaky shoes in adult sizes, but we can live vicariously through Yeseo's. So the next time you're in a bad mood, think of her in this video. You'll be all smiles in no time.

H/T BuzzFeed