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This Victoria's Secret Model Shutting Down A Sexist Reporter Is Your Clap Back Moment Of The Day

Magdalena Frackowiak isn't here for stupid questions.

Backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is hectic—you've got photographers, hair and makeup artists, reporters, and of course, models. While the models are getting ready for the show, they're nice enough to answer questions from reporters, which unfortunately, can get really sexist really fast.

Fortunately, Magdalena Frackowiak was there to shut down an idiotic question about food.

For a backstage clip titled "'VS Fashion Show' ... Backstage With Hot Models Who Crave Fatty Foods," TMZ asked models about what food they're most excited to eat after the show. Yep. Seriously.

Magdalena quickly expressed her disgust with the "stupid" question and asked the reporter to ask smarter ones. When he failed to move beyond the topic of food, she dismissed him.

Do better, reporters—there's a lot more to models than what they do and don't eat, k?