Jena Malone's Bald 'Mockingjay' Head Was A Special Effect

Kudos to the stunt head.

Jena Malone is no stranger to extreme hairstyles, but she'll let you in on a secret: That's actually a stranger's shaved head, not hers, that you're seeing in the new "Hunger Games" flick.

The actress was on "Jimmy Kimmel" live last night (Nov. 10) to promote "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2," where she revealed that there's a reason why her hair grew back so remarkably fast from the super-close shave she sported as Joanna Mason.

Namely, that bald head was all special effects.

"It was way more than a bald cap," Jena said. "It was like a CGI experiment. We had little dots and trackers, and there was a woman who also had a bald head who was brought in to shoot some of my sequences."

Jena, meanwhile, only shaved a few inches' worth of hair at the base of her skull to make the onscreen melding of her head with the stunt double's head as seamless as possible -- which made more sense than having to keep her hair cropped to a quarter inch for nearly a year's worth of shooting.

But while she didn't go cue-ball for this movie, Jena wanted to make clear that she enthusiastically endorses the concept of baldness for ladies in general.

"It's a good thing, as a woman, to shave your head," she said.