'Scream Queens': Nick Jonas Returns For A Killer Reveal

Boone's baaaack!

Here we thought two red devil-masked killers was more than enough to handle all the sorority sister-slashing Wallace University could ever want, but now it's KKT v. three. And guess what else? There are two Kappa babies running around ... well, maybe.

Yep, a new killer showed his/her non-face in this week's new episode of "Scream Queens" -- titled "Mommie Dearest" with multiple moments of significance -- which aired Tuesday (Nov. 10), and this one's sporting a Antonin Scalia mask.

Not only that, but Boone (Nick Jonas)'s back -- and honoring no-shave November, no less. Just as we all suspected from Episode 1, he's one of the now-three murderers on the loose. Thanks to him, another of the killers has been confirmed as well.

  • "Psycho" with a twist.

    Jamie Lee Curtis's "Psycho" homage to her mommie dearest Janet Leigh was finally revealed -- but there was a major update to the showery moment.

    One of the red devils seems ready to catch her in a moment of vulnerability in that shower, but she's 100% ready for him/her and that iconic curtain pullback reveals that she's gone. In fact, Dean Munsch is the one pulling out the sneak attack and knocks the killer out (but does not remove the mask, sigh).

    Dean Munsch's battle-back approach doesn't stop there, either. As she heads to the exit of her lush little estate, the second red devil killer meets her at the door. And when she rallies back from that attacker, that's when Red Devil No. 3 prances in to play.

    Guess what, though? She whoops his ass too -- she had learned some clutch fighting skills during a semester abroad in trade for some love-making training -- and all three are seen retreating by the end of it.

    She learns enough of a lesson about the lack of campus safety to shut the school down, though, so technically they win.

  • "Wicks up."

    Jennifer b.k.a. "that very unusual girl with the really odd candle fetish" has a little less luck than her fearless leader, unfortunately.

    It all begins when she recapped Zayday (Keke Palmer)'s secret story about wanting to get revenge on some snots who tortured her about her wardrobe once at lunch which left her thirsty for payback ("It was that day I decided I was going to figure out how to get revenge on entitled little rich girls everywhere. And not just a little revenge, real revenge," she'd told her) to Detective Denise, who's got three million reasons for wanting to peg Z as the perp, courtesy of the Chanels.

    But Zayday overhears that confession and is none too thrilled. Then, that night, whaddya know? The red devil killer's creeping into her room and giving her a knife in the back. Backstab for the backstabber? Seems oddly poetic.

    The girls wind up throwing her an "Eternal Flame"-themed vigil, with a zillion candles because of course, so that was ... nice?


  • Two babies, what.

    On a hunch that the Hag of Shady Lane has something to do with the bathtub baby's parentage, Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Pete pay a little visit to the insane asylum where they met that insta-portrait-maker lady last time.

    And not only does she whip out a shot of prime suspect Gigi (Nasim Pedrad), but she also shows another girl who showed up back when with not one but two babies in her clutches.

  • Doyle, Sophia

    In one of their bazillion office heart-to-hearts, Dean Munsch ponies up the name of Grace's mom -- Sophia Doyle, which was not the ID of the bathtub baby mama BTW.

    And, thanks to some intel from Scotland Yard scurried up by Chanel (Emma Roberts) after threatening the life of Princess Kate, we find out that Grace's mom was actually kind of a scumbag.

    Turns out, she was that party girl who danced on tables to TLC's "Waterfalls" and got busy with Wes (Oliver Hudson), thus conceiving Grace. Two or three DUIs and a brush with a drug ring later and her father finally stepped in to take ownership of his baby. Yes, he did burn down their house, but it was all for Grace, you see? He didn't want her to find out about her cray mom.

    All of this we learn from the mouth of babe -- that is, Chanel -- who's hellbent on proving that Grace and Zayday are the ones running around killing everyone. This, in turn, leads to the slap heard 'round the world.

  • Denise is the HBIC

    But Detective Denise is the self-declared house mom now -- even if she almost eats fried mozzarella sticks cooked in oil that still has some of Ms. Bean's face in it -- and she'll have none of that mom-bashing on her watch. She even threatens to take her precious Chad away if she doesn't make nice with her sister.

    So, Chanel invites Grace for her ceremonial coffee make-up session (with red cups, FWIW) and apologizes, admitting that her family (which consists of people named Happy and Harvard and Muffett) is pretty messed up too.

  • Mrs. Weston Gardener

    Meanwhile, Gigi's working her manipulative magic on Wes, offering to spruce his place up and bringing home an engagement ring (and a pair of nice lamps, to be fair).

    She's all too happy to throw her new semi-engagement in Grace's face when she confronts her, and this puts a major wedge between her and her dad. But she's got some other ammo up her '90s-tastic sleeve: Grace's grades are piss poor, and she's running around trying to solve crimes and dig up mommy dirt instead of being a normal college student. She suggests a little therapeutic intervention, of sorts.

    Also, she calls him Weston. Which sounds weirdly possessive coming from her.


  • Every day I'm mustlin'

    Ahhhh, there he is. After six episodes of absence -- well, without a mask at least -- Boone (Nick Jonas) is back in the picture.

    Boone hits the gym to bulk up incognito, but this disguise is more conspicuous than the other, and it sets off a maelstrom of phone snaps and even an autograph request because everyone thinks he's Joaquin Phoenix. HA.

    All the while he's supposed to be keeping a low profile because, ya know, he was "murdered" a while back. Whoops. While on the phone, he reveals that Gigi is Killer #3 with the terrible mask and that he's not happy with her work, so she's gotta go. Looks like Gigi's next on the chopping block, then.