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These New Additions To Are Totally On Fleek

'Yaaas,' 'facepalm' and 'bestie' are among the new batch of Dictionary-approved words.

Yaaas! introduced more than 150 new words to its website on Tuesday (Nov. 10), legitimizing a slew of millennial-approved words and phrases you probably already use on the reg.

There are the obvious acronyms like IRL (in real life) and TBH (to be honest), but plenty of other surprising additions, like “matchy-matchy” (having colors or patterns that match or harmonize too closely) and even “doge.” Much meaning, very definition!

Here are nine of the best new additions to the site that you might want to forward to your parents. Gotta keep ‘em up on the times!

  1. Bestie

    Informal. a person’s best friend.

  2. Doge

    An Internet fad or meme typified by an image of a dog of the Shiba Inu breed accompanied by very short phrases that humorously represent the dog’s imagined thoughts and use the wrong modifiers or shortened word forms, as “such dignified” or “amaze.”

  3. Drunk text

    To send a text message to someone while intoxicated.

  4. Facepalm

    The gesture of placing the palm of one’s hand across the face, as to express embarrassment, frustration, disbelief, etc. (often used as an interjection).

  5. Feels

    Informal. strong, often positive feelings.

  6. Fleek

    Slang. flawlessly styled, groomed, etc.

  7. Kk

    Informal. (used in text messages and other digital communications) okay; OK.

  8. Sapiosexual

    A person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others.

  9. Yaaas

    Slang. Yes! (used as a strong expression of excitement, approval, agreement, etc.)