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7 Reasons Kendall Jenner Is More Than Ready For The Victoria's Secret Show

For her 20th birthday, Kendall Jenner received the greatest gift of all—the opportunity to walk in the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. While this is far from her first runway rodeo, Victoria's Secret is definitely different than other shows—fortunately, Kendall has a number of tools and experiences in her arsenal, which will help make sure her debut goes smoothly.

Here are seven things that will favor Kendall as she hits the catwalk:

  1. She's wanted it for a long time

    In a 2013 interview—even before she made her runway debut!—Kendall expressed interest in working with Victoria's Secret, saying, "it's always been kind of a dream of mine." See, y'all? Dreams do come true.

  2. She has ample runway experience

    At this point, Kendall is no stranger to the runway—she's walked in shows all over the world. While she hasn't had to walk while Ellie Goulding or Selena Gomez is performing, she's led packs of fellow models, so she should be set.

  3. AND underwear modeling experience

    She's not just a runway pro, she's experienced in the underwear-selling biz too. The Victoria's Secret runway lasts for minutes—gigantic Calvin Klein billboards last for months.

  4. She's no stranger to wings

    One of trademark looks of the Victoria's Secret show is, of course, the angel wings. While Kendall may not wear the most ~ornate~ pair on the runway—it is her debut, after all—she knows what it's like to have wings that, um, won't actually assist in flight as evidenced by this giant temporary tattoo.

  5. OR to high-pressure shows

    Kendall has walked in Chanel's Metiers d'Art Show -- arguably one of the biggest runway shows of the entire fashion calendar. Walking in your underwear for roughly 9 million television viewers shouldn't be a problem.

  6. She has access to inside tips

    Cara Delevingne—her other half, natch—has walked at the Victoria's Secret show twice, so she can provide Kendall with tips for wearing wings and underwear at the same time.

  7. Her best friend will be by her side

    Kendall isn't making her debut alone—she'll be joined by BFF Gigi Hadid, who is also walking in the show for the first time this year. The friends who model bras together, stay together, right? Right.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait that long to see Kendall in action—the show airs on CBS on December 8.