One Direction's New Song Is Definitely About Zayn, Right?

Listen to 'Love You Goodbye' now!

One Direction is continuing to release new music leading up to Made In The A.M., their first LP without Zayn Malik. So far, we've heard "Drag Me Down," "Perfect," "Infinity," "History," "End Of The Day," and on Tuesday (Nov. 10), they dropped breakup ballad "Love You Goodbye."

Of course, the guys of 1D are pros when it comes to crooning about love (and Louis is surprisingly good at those high notes -- who knew?) but for those sarcastic, cynical Directioners out there, it's hilarious to put their love songs in the context of their relationship with former member Zayn.

"Love You Goodbye" begins with a sweep of strings, with the boys launching into lyrics like:

  1. "It’s inevitable that everything that’s good comes to an end"
  2. "It’s impossible to know that after this we can still be friends"
  3. "I know you’re saying you don’t want to hurt me"
  4. And then to the chorus: "Oh, why you’re wearing that to walk out of my life"
  5. "Oh, even though it’s over you should stay tonight"
  6. "If tomorrow you won’t be mine"
  7. "Won’t you give it to me one last time"
  8. "Oh, baby let me love you goodbye"

I don't know -- just a thought I had.