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Wait, Are Spencer And Caleb Hooking Up On 'Pretty Little Liars' This Season?

This new promo is scandalous is more ways than one.

Drop everything. We need to talk about this new "Pretty Little Liars" promo. One word: Spaleb.

Just when we thought we couldn't take another surprise, "PLL" threw us a major curveball. This new promo may be short, but it's packed with ~ scandalous ~ twist after twist. For starters, Spencer and Caleb might officially be a thing in Season 6B. Not only do we see Caleb sleeping with a mystery woman at the 0:13 mark -- and it looks delightfully steamy! -- but we also see Toby punch Caleb right in the face, with Spencer looking worried in the background, at the 0:17 mark.

Are the "Pretty Little Liars" Powers That Be trying to trick us with their clever editing? Or are Spencer and Caleb totally hooking up this season? Watch the promo below and decide for yourself:

We're not entirely sure how we feel about this potential romantic development. On the one hand, Spencer and Caleb have always been one of our favorite (albeit criminally underused) dynamic duos on "PLL." Not to mention, that given the five-year time jump -- and the fact that both Caleb and Spencer seem to be single -- Spencer and Caleb are totally free to explore their feelings for one another. After all, Hanna is engaged to a handsome mystery man, and Toby, well, we don't really know what's up with Toby.

However, we can't help but feel like it's a little out of character for them. Yes, we know a lot can happen in five years, but would Caleb really sleep with one of Hanna's best friends? Would Spencer do the same to Toby? (RIP Toleb.)

We guess we're just going to have to wait until January 12 to start unraveling this mystery.