The 'Awkward' Lessons You'll Learn After Graduating High School

You just got your what?

Jenna and company learned quite a bit during their high school years (thanks in no small part to the genius of Valerie Marks), but as the new graduates are about to find out, life after high school is pretty "Awkward" too.

In order to help properly prepare them (and maybe you!) for the "real world," we've put together a compilation of what the next few years might hold for them -- based on all their experiences so far:

  • Let's start with the good news: Being weird is actually awesome!

    Congratulations, Jenna, years of being called "weird" means you'll fit in perfectly at college.

  • You don’t have to join clubs you don’t want to.

    After high school, you won't need clubs and sports to pad your resumé -- so no need to join the Titan cheerleaders unless you actually like forming human-body triangles.

  • Gym class isn't a requirement, so the freshman 15 is right around the corner.

    That doesn't mean you should stop working out and lose the Matty McKibben bod that drives the sophomores wild!

  • Everything costs, hello part-time jobs -- and roommates.

    The food truck sucked, but least Sadie has some work experience to talk about at job interviews now.

  • Until you get married, it'll be NBD if you can't afford the "perfect dress."

    No more stressing out about being a klutz and ruining that look, Jenna. Still avoid open flames though.

  • Your BFFs probably won't be so F...

    You’re all going to different places and meeting different people, so sorry, Tamara -- most of those "BFGFBFF" set-ups aren't really "forever."

  • Not every relationship is happy ever after.

    Even if you do stick it out with your high school sweetheart, Jenna's parents are the perfect proof that life doesn't stop just because you're in love.

  • Success in HS does not guarantee success in life.

    Even Mrs. Hamilton yearned for the college experience she didn't get.

  • You're going to have to pick a major or profession pretty quickly once you enter the real world.

    Even Jenna, who loves to write, can't be sure if that's gonna pay the bills.

  • The weirdest thing: You’re going to miss the people that annoyed you.

    You're going to miss everything and everyone from those bizarre four years we call "high school" -- even the Sadie Saxtons who made your days a little rougher.

Do you have any good advice since leaving high school? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to MTV News for updates about new episodes of "Awkward" in 2016!