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Gwen Stefani Designed A Harajuku Lovers Clothing Line For Dogs

Fedoras, emoji-printed hoodies... Gwen wants to give your pup a punk rock makeover.

Gwen Stefani has been a formidable force in the fashion world for years now. Not only is she a punk rock trendsetter in her own right, but she’s even brought her style to the masses with her whimsical L.A.M.B. line.

But now, the No Doubt singer and “Voice” coach has expanded her audience tenfold by targeting the canines of the world. Stefani has partnered with Petco to launch a Harajuku Lovers collection for dogs, which includes apparel, toys and accessories designed and hand-picked by Stefani herself.

Per Petco’s website: “The line features more than 30 trend forward products such as the cozy Union Jack Sweater, colorful Doughnut Toy, fashionable black and white Checkers sock and a snazzy Fedora Hat. From high-style apparel to emoji-inspired toys, there is something to fit every dog’s best look.”

The collection arrived in stores and online on Nov. 8 and it’s already selling out at warped speed. And we think you’ll see why once you sneak a peek at these quintessentially Gwen-esque designs.

  1. This is Chloe, a Pomeranian who was basically born to be a model, showing off some of the line’s girliest garb.
  2. Here’s Pierre, rocking a mini fedora and a super classy collar and necktie.

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  3. And here’s another pup rocking the same fedora, but his garb is decidedly more Brit-inspired, with a flag pendant on his collar and a Great Britain-inspired sweater.
  4. This is Wall E and he’s wearing a pink mohawk. I REPEAT, THIS DOG HAS A PINK MOHAWK.

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  5. And here’s an adorable behind-the-scenes look at all the pups getting ready for their close-ups.

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Stefani said in a statement, “I have had so much fun working on the Harajuku Lovers pet accessories collection. It’s playful, modern, and super kawaii. I couldn’t be happier with how well it turned out.”

Yep, these dogs are officially the most stylish pups on the block. No doubt about it.