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22 Times Tumblr's 'Harry Potter' Theories Blew Our Minds

Yer all wizards.

"Harry Potter" fan theories are a major piece of the fun nowadays -- especially when they get the attention of author J.K. Rowling herself.

'Cos sometimes, she's into it, like with that gut-wrenching Dumbledore Is Death theory. But sometimes the queen doth not condone, like when the world came up with Rombledore (that is, Ron is a BB looper version of Dumbledore), or even that time when people thought Draco might be a werewolf and/or Snape a vampire. Squib stuff, said she -- basically.

But there are still a lot of gold galleons to mine through in this bank of wisdom, especially thanks to the little internet wizards on Tumblr. These ones in particular still have us picking dirt off our chins because WHOA.

  1. The Weasley Bros.’ fate was written from the start.

    She wouldn't ... or would she.

  2. "Harry Potter" itself is a horcrux.

    We're the fandom that lived. Ahhhh!

  3. Jo is the literal Snitch??

    She is golden.

  4. Or perhaps the meta character is meta...

    Writers writing about writers is usually a tell, and in this case, maybe they're onto something.

  5. Horcrux exposure makes Dursleys' duds?


  6. Felix Felicious-nahhhh.

    Touche, Joe S. Touche.


  9. Gryffindor the brave.

    This makes so much sense TBH.

  10. 10 Points to Mary Poppins.

    Just a spoonful of butterbeer!

  11. Privet Dr. conditioning camp.

    The hard lessons.

  12. How did we miss this? SIRIUSLY?!
  13. Ohhh. Hagrid.
  14. The all-important Rememberall.

    What happened to that thing, anyway?

  15. All in the family.

    Squick factor alert!

  16. George Wonka Weasley

    Now that you say it, there is an uncanny resemblance.

  17. Harry’s the *real* headmaster.
  18. There's more to Mrs. Norris than meets the green eye.
  19. Professor Trelawney was legit.

    The real reason Dolores Umbridge wanted to throw her outta Hogwarts was that she was spooky with her skills. Sure, she couldn't whip 'em out on the spot like that, but if you paid attention to her, she hit the nail right on the head many a time.

  20. Wordplay.
  21. It was right there the whole time.
  22. The Philosopher’s Stone spelled out the whole series.